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  1. Hi, we recently purchased the social sharing plugin for our blog and noticed that when sharing an article via twitter on mobile, the plugin opens twitter in the browser but does not initiate the sharing of the article, just the twitter feed is shown!

    Is there a fix for this as I notice the same happens on here when I attempt to share via mobile?

  2. Hey Brian,

    and thanks for your comment.

    I’ve clicked on the twitter button on one of your blog posts and everything seems to be fine (see screenshot here). Did you found/fix the issue yourself alredy?

  3. Hi Flow,

    No the problem is not fixed on mobile for me. When I click on the twitter icon on iPhone 4/5/6, Twitter opens in the mobile browser but does not initiate the sharing of the article via a tweet.

  4. Hey Brian,
    try to change the link in the “onClick” event of the Twitter-Button from
    So that the whole click-event will look like this:
    javascript:void('$site_title $site_url', 'Twitter', 'width=650,height=400,scrollbars=yes'));

  5. Hi Flow,

    Thanks for that, issue has been solved!

    One other thing, is it possible to append our Twitter handle to the end of the shared tweet?

  6. Hey Brian,

    of course, you can do that by just adding your handle anywhere in the text. In this example I’ve added @wp_buddy to the end of the text. Just make sure that your text is inside the closing '.

    javascript:void('$site_title $site_url @wp_buddy', 'Twitter', 'width=650,height=400,scrollbars=yes'));

  7. Hey Suresh Surenthiran,
    and thanks for your comment.
    It seems that your theme style is overwriting every button style. The problem is that the button style und your themes style.css has the “!important” flag. What means that no other style-attribute can overwrite it.

    What you can do is:
    a) ask your theme author to solve this problem OR
    b) solve this on your own. For this open the file /wp-content/themes/Gravity/style.css and edit line 89. You can find a some !important tags. Delete them.

    By the way: it’s not a common practice to state everything with !important tags when it’s not necessary.

    Hope this helps

  8. Plugin has stopped sharing blog posts correctly. now doesn’t show correct image nor correct excerpt formatting specifically for Facebook.

    Please see here:

    The importance of learning post is wrong, the invest in the best post is correct. Both were shared using this plugin.

    Please advise.

  9. Hey Jules,
    and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know what you mean exactly. The plugin only provides the link which opens a popup. The popup itself is provided by Facebook. So I don’t have any possibilities to send images and/or an excerpts. What you need to know is maybe how Facebook grabs this data. Here is a good answer to that: How do I tell Facebook which image to show when my page gets shared?

    Hope this helps.

  10. I just purchased and installed the plugin, but am unable to get the slider to offer more than 0 icons shown. As a result, no icons are shown on the website.

  11. Hey Matt, and thanks for your comment.
    What you have to do is to:

    1. Activate the plugin
    2. Go to the “Social Buttons” menu that appears.
    3. If this is your first activation, the plugin will ask you the following: “There are new buttons available. Do you want to install them now?” – Click on the “Yes” button.
    4. After that some buttons should appear
    5. The go to “Settings” -> “Fixed Social Share” and set the field “icon quantity” to something higher tan 0.
    6. That’s it. You can find the whole installation guide delivered in the folder you’ve downloaded from CodeCanyon (PDF file) or here: How can I set it up?
  12. Hi, we’ve just noticed that when sharing to Twitter using Safari (mobile + desktop) that the $site_title uses +’s instead of spaces.
    Would you be able to advise a way of correcting this?

  13. Hi,

    i can’t intall the plugin. I try with the wordpress instalator and using the ftp. I use wordpress 4.4.1 and Sahifa theme.

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