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Google announced that web hosting in Google Drive will be deprecated. You can continue to use this feature (and this plugin) until August 31st, 2016, but after that, will no longer work. Note that due to this fact, this plugin will no longer be supported and further developed after 01.09.2016.


  1. It’s not bug! What happens when the drive reaches request quota!???

    • Then the plugin will not be able to upload new files. To solve this you can either wait till the request quota gets set back to 0 or you can buy quota.

      • NO! I mean Google Drive has quota of how many requests can be made per day to download contents from it’s server (it happens when when users load my site, you got it?). If the quota reaches the limit, won’t it(the plugin) serve the files from my local/own server? otherwise my site will go down!

        • Hey Jaber, as far as I know there is no such quota as you can read here. It seems that they handle this via the Terms of Service. But there is no actual number that is communicated there.

          • Got It! Tanks

          • You’re welcome ;)

  2. ”The Google Drive API is currently not working. Try to (re-)authenticate by using the button “Grant writing permissions to your Google Drive” button.

    this message show to me for fourth time

  3. Tried setting up the Google CDN and its not working. Followed all directions, Get this:
    Error: invalid_client
    Bad request.
    Request Details

    • Hey Don, please send me a support ticket providing temporary access to your blog and I will check what’s wrong. Thanks!

      • i opened one and have no idea where it went.

        • Hey Don. Got it. Thanks. I will respond as soon as possible.

  4. Hey, its all working good but after some time, some images started to show as draft in the website, when i cleared the CDN, they were back again. How can i make sure that this never happens?

    • Hey Hanna,

      and thanks for your comment (sorry for my late response by the way).

      If the problem still persists, please shot me an email via my support form.

      Thank you!

  5. I also have the same problem…
    Mohamed Elazab on July 6, 2014 at 11:11 am
    ”The Google Drive API is currently not working. Try to (re-)authenticate by using the button “Grant writing permissions to your Google Drive” button.

    • Hey there,

      this is not a bug. I guess that your Google Drive credentials are wrong. Please make sure that you’ve entered the right Client ID and Client secret (also make sure that there are no white spaces).
      If you need more help, please use my support form. Thanks.

  6. Hi.
    Your support system is very bad. It is impossible to send a request.

    My problem is equal to the problem of “Mohamed Elazab on July 6, 2014 at 11:11 a.m.”.
    I’m trying to open a support ticket, and I have problems with the plugin version. If I put 1.9.0 (which I downloaded TODAY) he tells me to update. If I put that tells me I have the 2.0.0 update also.
    It has a filtering system queries too severe. I can not even send ftp data.
    We started bad for a payment plugin.

    • Hey Javier,
      and thanks for your comment. I’m sorry that you couldn’t use my support form. In this case you can always use my contact form instead. Please don’t forget to provide the same information that is requested on the support form. Otherwise I can’t help you out quickly.



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