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  1. I think a shortcode what you can use everywhere in the page can be good..
    Because now you can use only the countdown in the description of your product.

    and for example, i made a slideshow widget on my page, and i want to slide the countdown, but i cant add the shortcode into the widget bar.

  2. Hey Richard,
    and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this is very difficult to achieve. Nearly very plugin and theme uses their own filters and I’m not able to test every single plugin and theme :-)
    But: what plugin are you using to create your slideshows? Maybe I can help you out on this…

  3. Hi!

    An ever green option is what I seek. And that I get with another plugin I purchased here but not the WC integration :(

    For example, for a landingpage (LP) we’re making one of our affiliates. I want a special price on a particular product or the downsell option product, but I don’t want it for everyone, just for his list. So we’re making in VC a branded page for the affiliate and I want it with an evergreen scarcity option.

    Any idea how this can be accomplished with your plugin or a combination with the visual-composer-addon-countdown-rocket plugin?


  4. Hi!
    An evergreen means that you can set countdown to say 14h 24min 09sec and it remembers visitor by IP and cookie and if didn’t purchase and later returns visitor sees remaining time. If it got to zero can redirect or show special image etc.

    Another visitor arrives 30 minutes later or 3 months later and also gets that countdown.

    For now I had to clone a product for my affiliate and make it reduced price, make a branded lander and put on it the evergreen countdown. if his visitor is too late to act on the offer he gets redirected to regular product page (in my case to the regular lander).

    Not sure how to make it work with WC – it would need to have a function to manage date sales per visitor I guess? Can be big hassle to again and again make clones of products and landers per each affiliate!

  5. I think a nice feature or a new plugin, would be to allow a countdown that ends in the middle of the day. And that doesn’t have to have a sale to work. I bought this to see of I could make it work for a Same day Item Ship Count down clock. But I was wrong. But If you added this into the next update It would be awesome. For Example Our same day ship time ends at 3:00 P.M. Every day. It would be nice to have a countdown clock that would warn our customers that they only have 1 hour to purchase or the item wont be shipped today. And this would roll over every day, Not on a set schedule and not only when on sale.

  6. could you add a stock check to the counter. That way you could double the scarcity element so instead of until the timer runs out it would be until this time or whilst stock last.

  7. I really need to be able to change the color of the shortcoded element countdown bar from red to orange. Isn’t this fairly simply to do? Is there any way I can change the coding to accomplish this?


  8. Hey Diego,
    you can do the following:

    1. Go to the product page you want to edit the countdown.
    2. Enter the following in the CSS text-editor:

    #product_countdown {
    background-image: none;
    background-color: orange;

  9. where possible for upcoming updates

    when the countdown ends, a message appears, sorry the offer to complete. Countdown disappears, but the box continues with a new message

  10. Hello,

    thanks for your great (and affordably priced) plugin!

    One question: in order to activate the countdown I have to enter a sales price – is it possible to avoid this somehow?

    I also want to use the countdown to promote special offers for a limited time, however, their special offer isn’t necessarily related to the price.

    So in order to activate the countdown I have to enter the regular price as a sales price which results in a strikethrough price (which looks a bit strange).

    For example, I want to promote a product which will be no loger available in 10 days but the price will stay the same (regular price).

    I hope I expressed myself properly regarding this issue ;)

    Would it be possible to find a solution for this problem?

    Thanks a lot in advance,


  11. Already found a solution myself: you simply need to leave the regular price blank and set is as a sales price instead. This avoids the strikethrough and still activates the countdown. Maybe someone else might find this helpful to know :)

  12. Hi awesome developers!

    I realize that the plugin don’t work on the homepage which is a bummer. I really need this function because I only sell one product at the time. As you can (not) see at my homepage, there are no counter.. This is very urgent and important for future projects!

    Best regards :)

  13. Hi Flow, thank you for the fast reply! I really appreciate that. :)

    If i may explain further.. The product on the homepage is a shortcode in Woocommerce based on SKU. So I am actually displaying the whole single product page on the homepage – which makes me wondering why the counter doesn’t display on the homepage with all the other informations like “description”, “short description”, “reviews” etc.

    Is there a simple and temporary solution to this issue? Maybe hardcode it until the next version?

  14. Hey Jimmy,
    I’ve just updated the plugin so that it’s now possible to add the countdown even on the home page. Please check out if it works for you. Hint: Go to the settings page and choose product for the home page. Then activate the countdown on this product (set it to ON).

    This was much faster for me than providing an ugly hack (which always will lead to problems).

    If you’ve entered the purchase code on the settings page you should get the update right from your WordPress update page on the backend. If not, please shot me a short email providing your purchase code and I will send it right to you. I’ve also submitted the changes to CodeCanyon but they are a little slow when it comes to previewing updated items. So this will take at least 1 day till it pops up there.

    Hope this helps. And if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

  15. DO you think that i can make the counter surround the product image? AS WELL AS show in the product gallery and as a featured product?

  16. Hey Amy,
    pretty hard question. If you’re familiar with PHP, CSS and HTML you can maybe customize the plugin the way you need it.

  17. Hey, great plugin and design!

    We’re looking for a plugin that can countdown for an estimated delivery time and this comes the closest so far. We just want something like ‘Order within ‘X countdown’ minutes for shipping on ‘X date’.

    Is this something that we could customise based on this script?


  18. Hey Lee,
    of course you can buy the plugin and customize it the way you like it. But please note that I cannot give support for customized plugins.

  19. Hello Flow, first of all thank you for your plugin, I really appreciate your work. But I am having trouble setting countdown on the homepage. I followed your instructions you posted a few posts up in this discussion, but I only see the countdown in product page, but not on the homepage. Would you be so kind to help me troubleshoot this problem? 10x in advance for any form of assistance.

    Kind regards!

  20. This is a good plugin and the one time I had to contact you for support you were really nice and helpful even though it was my dumb fault for not reading your instructions. :( Thanks!

    Feature requests:

    – Ability to use more than one countdown on a page (probably suggested before)
    – Ability to call to specific product’s countdown with shortcode (e.g., [product_countdown id=”500″]). I have a page where I’d like all current countdowns to go.


  21. I like the plugin, but in my opinion lacked key functionality:
    A button BUY with a link to the product that is on offer + the possibility to display the fade on every page of my store. This would increase rather conversion and visibility of supply.

    The way it is honestly think there is not much use since most visitors enter my store home page, or by the landing pages and they do not see that there is a product on offer.

    Can you please provide this feature?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

  22. I’d like to add the countdown to a product page at the bottom of the product information, where WooCommerce would typically add the SKU #.

    Is there a certain hook or filter that I can add to my functions.php file to grab the countdown content for each product and output per product in the area noted above?

  23. Hey Brian,
    try to add the shortcode directly to your WooCommerce theme file. Use WordPress` do_shortcode() function like: do_shortcode( '[product_countdown]' ).

  24. Hello mr Flow,

    Is there a function that I can temporary hold a product with a timer, so that the customer cannot buy it till the countdown is finished, for example 30 minutes?

    Many thanks in advance.

  25. Hey javitopo,

    long time wait, but this function will finally be in version 4.0.

    Thanks for your help making this plugin even better! :-)

  26. Hey Fernando,

    no worries about your English. I know what you mean ;-)

    Sorry for the very late response but this feature will now be in version 4.0.

    Thanks for your help making this plugin even better!

  27. would it be possible, is it possible to show the number of items left at the sale price on a special offer within the countdown window?

  28. Hey Matthew,
    I guess you need another variable that can be used in the countdown-text field, right?

  29. I am a profession marketing expert, and I think there are several functions needed:

    1) count down for avaibility to buy
    2) preorder with pay or no-pay customizing
    3) For members, priority to buy without waiting for countdown

  30. Hi,

    Can you make it like the scarcity plug-in used in Shopify where they have the message showing up beneath the add to cart button on the product page showing? Sample: Hurry up! Only 8 items left on stock.

  31. Hey Eileen,
    I’m not quite sure what an “ever green scarcity option” is. Maybe you can describe a little more. Never heard anything like that.


  32. Hey Hans,

    yes, we have plans to make the plugin more flexible and to get it to work without WooCommerce.

  33. Show “Add to cart” button till the countdown hits zero. Disable the cart button otherwise.

  34. I’m happy to use this plugin
    Please add Cookie Detection and IP Address to reset the time for different visitors and redirect url when the time is finished
    Add also auto reset hours or days
    Like the Everly Counter Timer plugin made by IntellyWP but for the single product page

  35. Do you plan to make a regular WordPress version? Many people would need this, too bad its limited to WooCommerce, WP is a much bigger market. Let me know if you make this, I will purchase. Best

  36. Too bad there is no function using the plugin without whoocommerce. Will you release this in the future?

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