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You’ve bought the Purple Heart Rating Plugin and have a valid purchase code which is NOT ‘PH_FRE_12042014’?

Please use our support form to report bugs!

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You’ve got the PRO version of the plugin for free during our promotion period and you’re using the purchase code ‘PH_FRE_12042014’? The please note that there is not support for the free plugin. But you can write a bug report in the comment area down below. Please let us know if you’ve find a bug. We want to get rid of them, too! ;-)

27 thoughts on “Report a bug

  1. I think I’ve found the problem:
    There is a class in my theme as follow:
    [class*=" icon-"]:before, [class^="icon-"]:before {
    font-family: fontawesome;

    I’ve solved adding the following code in custom css box:
    .wpbph-frontend .icon-heart:before,
    .wpbph-comment-rating .icon-heart:before {
    content: "\f004"!important;
    font-family: fontawesome!important;
    .wpbph-frontend .icon-heart-o:before,
    .wpbph-comment-rating .icon-heart-o:before {
    content: "\f08a";
    font-family: fontawesome!important;
    .wpbph-frontend .icon-chevron-up:before,
    .wpbph-comment-rating .icon-chevron-up:before {
    content: "\f077";
    font-family: fontawesome!important;
    .wpbph-frontend .icon-chevron-down:before,
    .wpbph-comment-rating .icon-chevron-down:before {
    content: "\f078";
    font-family: fontawesome!important;

    This works, but I think it will be a better way to do the same and I don’t know if this will work for any place (for ex. in widgets), surely it does not work for any kind of icons but only for those 4 icons I’m using at the moment.

    This is frustrating. :(
    I’m sure the problem is the bad approach used by the theme dveloper who has chosen the (*) for his style sheet.

    Any suggestion is welcome. :)

  2. Hey Frederik,
    your theme is adding the CSS properties float: left; and width:28%; to every aside HTML element. Try to write the following into the Custom CSS box on the settings page of the plugin:

    aside.wpbph-rating-aside {
        float: none;
        width: 100%;
  3. Hi, on the backend shows fine, but on the front end the big heart doesn’t show and the green heart for comments neither, I can see some css from my theme but even if I uncheck that css from the firebug won’t show. Any idea? Thanks a lot love the plugin!

  4. Hey Vicor,
    in most cases this is not a bug. In nearly every case the theme overwrites the styles.

    Can you link to the page where the big heart doesn’t show? Maybe I can help.

  5. Hey Victor,

    thanks for the links. The problem is that your theme is using the “Iconmoon” icons. I’m using FontAwesome. So it overwrites the icons. Try to add the following lines to the custom CSS box on the settings page:

    .wpbph-frontend .icon-heart:before,
    .wpbph-comment-rating .icon-heart:before {
    content: "\f004"!important;

    It should display the heart again.

  6. Love your rating plugin but when used on iphone the pop up window to leave additional comment is not appearing properly. The window appears chopped up. How can I fix this?

  7. Hey Gord,
    and thanks for your comment. Can you tell me the URL where the problem appears? Maybe your theme’s CSS style is overwriting the plugins stylesheets here.

  8. Hey there again,

    can you show me an URL where the error occurs? I would like to check that myself. Maybe I can find a more elegant solution to that ;)

  9. Thank you very much, Flow. :)
    The plugin is running on this web site: on every post, but I can’t show you the error without making the site horrible. :(

    Can you manage with FireBug or do you prefer I send you the credentials privately?

  10. Hey Aaron,

    this is not a bug ;) Your theme is moving the icons. Unfortunately I cannot make the plugin work with every single theme out there as there are thousands of it. But, it’s possible to correct that. In your case, you can use the following code in the custom CSS field on the settings page of the plugin:

    .wpbph-frontend .wpbph-heart-big {
    margin-top: -18px;

    That should move the the icon up a little bit so that’s inside the box.

  11. Hallo,

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/web728/html/pflegeportal/wp-content/plugins/review-builder/com/core/SGRB.php on line 150

    what can I do?

    The Commentarield is not changed too

    best regards, Ayna

  12. Hey Ayna,
    and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I have to tell you that this is not an error thrown from any of my plugins. Please contact the author of the “Review Builder” plugin if you have problems with it.

    Thank you

  13. Hi, can I change the color of the UP and DOWN ARROW in the UP and DOWN BUTTONS manually?
    They are purple and I can’t change them.

    Thanks and best regards,

  14. @ UomoMacchina thx i had the same Problem but your help have fix it..but the other icons still not work just the heart work now..
    but thanx a lot for that
    greets from Germany

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