How can I install the theme?

  1. Upload the schema-corporate folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  2. Activate the Schema Corporate WordPress theme through the „Appearance“ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the theme by going to the „Theme Options“ menu that appears in the„Appearance“ settings menu.

What are the shortcodes that can I use?

Please go to the Available Shortcodes page

Which icons can i use in buttons, boxes, etc.?

Please go to this page: List of available icons

I’m using the Flexslider on the homepage but the slides seem to be blurry. What can I do?

As a standard, the slides get resized by the browser. To avoid that go to “Appearance” > “Theme Options” in your WordPress Admin Panel, then go to “Extended” > “CSS” and then copy&paste the following:

.slides img {
   width: auto;

Klick save

I think I’ve found a bug. What can I do?

Please go to this page: Report a bug for this theme

I think I’ve a good idea for a new function in your theme.

Nice. Why not telling me? Please go to this page: Request a new function

I’ve translated the theme into my own language. Can you use it for the next version?

Nice. Why not sending me the .po and .mo files? Please go to this page: Submit a translation

How long will it take till rich snippets are sown on my search results?

Unfortunately there is no official statement. Google says that there is no guarantee that it will show up on your search results. It’s like SEO: Nobody really know when they appear. Some guys say that they appear after a few days, others say that they appear after one month. So please be patient with Google and keep on using it regularly on your webpage. Do not try to cheat with rich snippets (for example the star rating).

I’m changing my schema theme’s theme options but when I save them I’m prompted to upload the settings via FTP, but I just want to see them be applied. What am I missing?

On some webservers there is a miss-configuration on the user-rights. This means that WordPress has no rights to write files to the filesystem. It then brings up the FTP-window so that it can change the files there.

If you make any changes that affect the Stylesheets (CSS files) the theme wants to write that directly to the filesystem so that it get loaded quicker on the frontend. It’s much more efficient to not generate the CSS-files “on the fly”.