Content After Posts WordPress Plugin

This Plugin is no longer for sale.

Did you ever want to add a specific content to all of your posts or pages? Yes? Me too! That’s why I’ve created the Content After Posts Plugin for WordPress.

It allows you to add content after posts, pages or even custom post types. But even better: you can add content before the content and if you’re using the new block editor (Gutenberg) you can add content anywhere in your posts! Because there are now placeholders available to you.

The plugin also allows you to control where exactly a specific content should appear. For example you can tell the plugin so show it only for posts in a specific category, or multiple categories.

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Easily add content after posts in three steps:

  1. Write content
  2. Setup a ruleset and define where it should appear
  3. Be happy! ;)
Description how CAP works in three steps

For the pros:

Define exactly where your content should appear by using this intuitive rule generator:

Rulesets that can be set up during the usage of CAP

Possibilities are endless

Define exactly where and when your content should appear and what position it should have within a post, page or custom post type.

The rules that can be used by CAP

Yes, we covered this as well:

Some theme and/or plugins to not always use the the_content filter. That is the “function” WordPress uses to output the content. So what I did is to let you choose if you want to use this hook or just a different one! Eeeeeeeeesy! ;)

Some of the values that show that you can setup CAP the way you like it.

WordPress 5.0 support

Since version 2.x the plugin now has WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg support. Gutenberg is the new block editor that comes shipped with WP 5. With that you have the option to add content right within any of your posts! How awesome is this? ;)

Gutenberg editor including a CAP placeholder

So what are the main benefits?

  • Strong plugin that exists for more than 4 years
  • Actively maintained and supported
  • Add content after, before, or in your content
  • Allow to replace content
  • Define rules and rulesets do tell the plugin where to show your content
  • Block-Editor (Gutenberg) ready
  • Super Easy to use
  • Language ready (.po files included)
  • Already translated into: English and German
  • Automatic Updates
  • Uninstall feature

Support & Testimonials

  • Made in Germany.
  • All technical requests regarding the plugin will end up in the engineers email account not in asia or anywhere else.
  • You will get support from the guy who wrote the plugin.

Some quotes of our customers (this and other products):

  • “Dear WP-Buddy, WOW, thanks so much for super service and great product.”
  • “Thanks WP-Buddy for listening to your buyers. Great support thanks again.”
  • “Thank you so much for the briefing. Awesome services.”
  • “I just found your plugin on Code Canyon, I love the quality of it and it shows you have great talent.”
  • “Thanks a lot for the help and support mate. It seems good after testing… please let me know u have anymore products for sale or in pipline lol”
  • “Thanks SO MUCH for taking time and writing to me the valuable information about snippets.”

Notes and Requirements

  • This plugin requires: PHP7.0 WordPress 4.9. running on your webserver (if you don’t know how to update to the latest version, read this)
  • Note: this plugin cannot add CAPs (Content After Posts) into articles that are loaded dynamically via a third-party shortcode.