Google Analytics Opt-Out

According to an EU Article (2009/136/EG) of the EU-Privacy Directive (‘The Cookie Laws’), web sites that target EU users have to provide an opt-in or an opt-out button (depending on the country). This plugin provides an opt-out link via shortcode.

Plugin Features

  1. With a click of a button you’re able to add a simple opt-out link to your Privacy Policy page.
  2. Just set your UA-Code and that’s it! It also incorporates with Yoast’s Analytics plugin.
  3. Code A JavasScript code prevents the user for being tracked.
  4. A banner will be fixed to the bottom of every page so that it clearly shows that the user can opt-out (PRO version only).
  5. Customize the banner with your own colors (CSS) and your own texts (PRO version only).
  6. Install the Analytics Opt-Out Plugin to get all of these features, and more!

Please note: The installation of this plugin does not replace legal advice you might need to put the E-Privacy Directive to practice accordingly.