Pre Sales Questions


What will I need to use one of your WordPress themes?

You should have the current, self-hosted WordPress version installed. In case you need a theme to work with a specific WordPress plugin, please ask us before your purchase.

Can I use a purchased theme on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use a theme for private and commercial projects on as many WordPress sites as you like. You can also use a theme for your client projects and customize it to your needs.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer you a 30 days “no-question-asked” money back guarantee. Just shot us an email via the support form to receive your money back.

Can I use your Premium themes on my site?

No, unfortunately at the moment you will need a self-hosted WordPress site to use one of our Premium themes. You will need your own domain and webspace and install a free WordPress version you can download at

Is it allowed to customise the themes?

Yes, all themes are published under the GNU General Public License Version 2. You can customize our theme with no restrictions just as you like. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for self-customised themes.

Can I delete the theme link in the footer?

Yes, you can delete or change the footer credit links on the theme options pages Of course we always appreciate it, if you like to spread the word. Furthermore you can also add your own affiliate-link to add money on every purchase a user will make. Learn more about our Affiliate-Program here.

Are theme updates included in the price?

If you buy a single theme all updates are included for one year. You will get a purchase code from our payment-service (like ClickBank) which allows you to automatically download updates via the WordPress Admin Panel. After one year you can continue using all themes, but you will not have access to any updates any longer. Just buy it again to continue having access to all theme updates.

What kind of support do you offer for your Premium themes?

If you have questions or problems with the theme/plugin installation or setup, you can either write a comment on each theme/plugin page or use the support form to ask your question there (you can write your question in English and German language and use the Google translator for translations). We are always trying to help all theme/plugin users as fast as possible. Please understand that we can not answer questions regarding your individual theme customisations or enhancements. In the future we’re planning to setting up a community forum as well.

What should I do if I lost my download link?

No problem, please just shot us an e-mail and let us know that you need a new download link for your theme. Please let us know your name and the purchase number as well as the purchase date.

Do you offer individual theme customisations or do you take on client projects?

Unfortunately we can not offer any individual theme customisations or take on any client projects.

Do you offer individual theme customisations or do you take on client projects?

Unfortunately we can not offer any individual theme customisations or take on any client projects. [/accordion_item]

Does the theme work with the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast?

Yes. We love the plugin and therefore it works well!

What? You do not use the plugin? Why not installing it? Download it here.

Which languages are supported?

Quick and dirty:

  • English
  • German

Want to help translating it?

What can Google extract out of my page?

Google can extract (examples):

  • The type of the current web page
  • The language of the current web page
  • The title, the url, the image of the current articles or sub-articles (if there are more than one, ex. on the blog pages)
  • The header of a web page
  • The header of a post, page or custom post type
  • The content of the current post, page or custom post type (so that search engines know what’s the important stuff)
  • The footer of an article (like social media buttons, and other meta info)
  • The footer of a web page (ex. when there are widgets)
  • The breadcrumb-items
  • The thumbnail of a post
  • The publishing date, the modified date
  • the Interaction Count (like Facebook likes, +1 or tweets) of a post
  • The word count of a post.
  • The contact point (like the telephone number)
  • The vcard of the author (like name, picture, url)
  • The star rating
  • And a lot more. This list would definitely too long to list everything :-)

You can easily test that with Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool. Just enter the URL to one of our pages and you can check what’s extracted. Here are some examples:

Do you have a live example of a rich snippet?

Yes. Here you can check out:

Does the theme work with the WPMU Plugin?

Maybe. But this was not yet tested. Sorry for this. We will do that as soon as possible.