Login with Amazon for WooCommerce

Allows your users to log in using their Amazon credentials.

What Does It Do?

The Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin allows your users to log-in to your

WooCommerce driven webshop using their Amazon credentials.
Nearly everyone today has an Amazon account. Why not use this possibility of an easy-login without having to remember yet another password?
It simply displays a „Login With Amazon“ Button right beside your WooCommerce-Login page and/or on WordPress‘ Login screen.

How Does It Look Like?

Login with Amazon Buttons

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?


  • Our products are made in Germany by a German engineer.
  • All technical requests regarding the product will end up in the engineers email account and not in Asia or anywhere else.
  • You will get support from the guy who wrote the code.
  • Maybe this are the reasons why our customers are so satisfied.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for a fine set of plugins you have made. Your codes are neat, clean, organised and light. These are really nice, effective ans great.
I had purchased your CDN and author plugin and am much satisfied.

I am a non-tech, and I really didn’t found any big trouble in set-up those graet plugins and even, your support was awesome. You plugins are also priced very well.

way to go !!!

Keshav Maheshwari

Thank you so much for the briefing. Awesome services



Thanks WP-Buddy for listening to your buyers. Great support thanks again



Dear WP-Buddy, WOW, thanks so much for super service and great product.


I just found your plugin on Code Canyon, I love the quality of it and it shows you have great talent.



Thanks a lot for the help and support mate. It seems good after testing… please let me know u have anymore products for sale or in pipline lol


Thanks SO MUCH for taking time and writing to me the valuable information about snippets.


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  • Amazon-Login Plugin
  • Use in a single end product
  • Free Support & Updates
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Is this a good investment?

Sure it is. Did you never thought something like this: “Oh no! Again a website where I have to remember my password!”. Why not avoid this feeling of a customer by providing the possibility to login using their Amazon credentials? It’s quick and easy, not only for the shop users but for shop owners as well.

I'm not sure I can trust you with my money.

You can trust us with your money because you get the best support in the world. If you have any technical problems with this product we can help you without spending any further money. Furthermore this plugin is made in Germany by a German engineer. You can be sure to get a high quality product.

I wonder if I can find this product without paying.

Sure. You can search for other plugins on WordPress.org and you might find something that fits some of your needs to extend your current WordPress installation. But …

  • As you may know: There is no support for free plugins very often.
  • Free plugins will stop working sometimes and you don’t know why.

This plugin has been made to give WooCommerce users the possibility to use an easy extension. This is what no other Amazon-Login WordPress plugin can do for you for such a great price! And – of course – it gets improved over and over again. In fact your money will be used to make this product even better.

I worry about sharing my information online.

Your information and privacy are 100 percent secure because we only collect the data that are absolutely necessary for you to get this product. And we’re using Paypal which is one of the most trustworthy website on this planet for online payments. 

What will I need to use one of your WordPress plugins (Plugin Requirements)?

You should have the current, self-hosted WordPress version installed. In case you need a plugin to work with a specific WordPress theme, please ask us before your purchase. This plugin requires: PHP5.3 running on your webserver, a WordPress Version higher or equal 3.5, WooCommerce 2.0, an Amazon Account and an Amazon Seller Central Account (which are both free).

Are plugin updates included in the price?

If you buy a single plugin all updates are included for one year. You will get a purchase code from our payment-service (like ClickBank or CodeCanyon) which allows you to automatically download updates via the WordPress Admin Panel. After one year you can continue using all plugins, but you will not have access to any updates any longer. We will then offer you a great update-package to a price that you can’t refuse!

What kind of support do you offer for your premium plugins?

If you have questions or problems with the plugin installation or setup, you can either write a comment on each plugin page or use the WP-Buddy.com support form to ask your question there (you can write your question in English and German language and use the Google translator for translations). We are always trying to help all plugin users as fast as possible. Please understand that we can not answer questions regarding your individual plugin customizations or enhancements.

Do you offer individual plugin customizations or do you take on client projects?

Unfortunately we can not offer any individual plugin customizations or take on any client projects.