Login with Amazon for WooCommerce

Login with Amazon for WooCommerce
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Type WordPress Plugin
Current Version 1.2.3
Requires WordPress 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to 4.6
Last update 16.08.2016
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What Does It Do?

The Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin allows your users to log-in to your WooCommerce driven webshop using their Amazon credentials.

Nearly everyone today has an Amazon account. Why not use this possibility of an easy-login without having to remember yet another password?

It simply displays a „Login With Amazon“ Button right beside your WooCommerce-Login page and/or on WordPress‘ Login screen.

How Does It Look Like?

Login with Amazon Screenshot

How Does It Work?

How the "Login with Amazon" button works



My Promise

  • Our products are made in Germany by a German engineer.
  • All technical requests regarding the product will end up in the engineers email account not in Asia or anywhere else.
  • You will get support from the guy who wrote the product.
  • Maybe this are the reasons why our customers are so satisfied.

For me, Florian is the best coder that I’ve got to know in my own career as a freelance web designer. For him nothing is unsolvable. He always strives to find a smart solution to a problem.

Dear WP-Buddy, WOW, thanks so much for super service and great product.

On behalf of Gaia A.C., Mexican non profit Organization concerned about environmental degradation, we want to thank WP Buddy Team for the contribution they did for our website. They shared with us the 'Fixed WordPress Social Share Buttons' plugin which works perfectly.

WP Buddy isn't just a wonderful developer with very useful and well-designed products, but also helps other people and Organizations. We are very thankful with their participation.

More Testimonials

Thanks a lot for the help and support mate. It seems good after testing… please let me know u have anymore products for sale or in pipline lol

Thanks SO MUCH for taking time and writing to me the valuable information about snippets.

Thanks WP-Buddy for listening to your buyers. Great support thanks again

I just found your plugin on Code Canyon, I love the quality of it and it shows you have great talent.

(...) The author helped me resolve an issue on my side (...). He was fast, courteous and exceeded his responsibilities. So all that I can say is: Buy it before he changes his mind and raises the price.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for a fine set of plugins you have made. Your codes are neat, clean, organised and light. These are really nice, effective ans great.
I had purchased your CDN and author plugin and am much satisfied.

I am a non-tech, and I really didn’t found any big trouble in set-up those graet plugins and even, your support was awesome. You plugins are also priced very well.

way to go !!!



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