Available LESS variables in the theme

In the theme folder you can find the LESS variables in the following files:

  • /assets/less/variables.less (Twitter Bootstrap variables)
  • /assets/less/{theme-name}-variables.less (where {theme-name} is the current theme name like schema-corporate)

You can edit these files directly or (which is better if you want to get automatic updates): you can edit the variables directly on the themes options page. Just activate custom colours and scroll down to the “LESS Variable Changer”.

Here is a short excerpt of the variables.less:

Here is the content of the schema-corporate-variables.less (Version 1.4):

Available icons

We always support the latest version of FontAwesome. Please go to your themes documentation page to check out what version is currently built in.

[box type=”info”]Note: To use an icon you only need the name of the icon. For example if you want to use the “icon-exclamation-sign” icon you only need to copy and paste exclamation-sign (without the icon- at the beginning). Browse icons. [/box]

Font Awesome Icon Examples

Example: How to use an icon for a button

  1. Go to the website of FontAwesome.
  2. Search for any icon you want. For example: the icon-medkit ([icon icon=”medkit”])
  3. For a button you can use the following shortcode, included the icon: