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Want to see a special functionality in one of the next versions of this plugin? Tell me and write a comment below. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Request a feature

  1. Hi !
    I would like to post by schedule without date: (every day schedule)
    News start on:
    Timer Start-Time 14:00
    Timer End-Time 14:59
    Music start on:
    Timer Start-Time 15:00
    Timer End-Time 15:59

    etcetera …

    send my best regards.

  2. I would like to display a CAP if a post is older than e.g. 6 month (warning about content that may be outdated). Can you add such a condition or at least introduce a new filter for a custom condition in check_if_on() right before you call the content filter? Somethings like wpbcap_condition ;-)

    Best regards


  3. Hi :)

    Plugin looks great … very nice work!! … would be great if tags could be added next to categories as a way to refine.
    Would really add even more flexibility & more targeted refinement … I have a few projects it would be great for.

    Many thanks in advance

  4. Add a “timer” functionality that allows to add a CAP only for a certain period of time.

  5. Hey Flow,

    I would like to have the possibility to choose the posts to include by clicking in boxes. I have many posts to include and it’s long and painful to type letters for each post…

    I hope it will be part of a future update :-)

    Best Regards

  6. Hey Fabien,
    the thing is that, especially if you have a large number of posts, the query for the database would be very large and that could lead to a PHP memory error. If you get such an error you can no longer edit the CAPs.
    However what I can do is to load the latest 10 to 20 posts. Would that help?

  7. From time to time customers demand repeatable content blocks as we know them from other cms systems like Typo3. Although there are some plugins to achieve this I wonder whether you ever thought about creating a shortcode to allow the display of “content after post” entries not only after and before a post/page. The shortcode is fairly simple the only real work to be done is preparing a good GUI for selection and insertion of the shortcode.

  8. WPML compatibility would be highly appreciated. As for now one can translate entries but they dont get displayed in the translated language . E.g. you have blog post in German and English. German is the WPML base language. Create a new after-post entry in German as well as a English translation and append it to the content. Call the blog post on the German version of the site and you get the after-post entry in German. Now switch to English. The blog post changes the language as expected but the after-post entry stays in German although it has a translation.

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