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Want to see a special functionality in one of the next versions of this plugin? Tell me and write a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. I would like to turn off the icons for mobile devices. They get in the way. I tried scaling them down to 0, but there is still an annoying little grey box on the bottom/left hand side. Is there a way to do this?

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I would have sent you a screen shot, but I couldn’t find a way to attach it to this message.

    The issue was that when the social buttons were fixed to the side of the browser of my mobile phone, you couldn’t read all the text, because they were in the way. Even reducing the size of them wasn’t enough to get them out of the way so users could read the post.

    So, what I did was reduce the button size to ‘0’ and icon quantity to ‘0’. That got rid of the social buttons but not the grey box below them that you click on to see ‘more’ options. I finally got rid of that box by deleting all of the social buttons, except the 5 I wanted to display on my desktop browser.

    That ended up fixing the problem with the mobile phone screen, but made it where I couldn’t allow users to choose more sharing options.

    Anyway, I also moved the social icons to display at the bottom of my posts. NOW I am having an entirely different issue because when I try to turn them off for my home & front page, there is still some green boxes with a share count where the icons would have on those pages.

    I finally gave in and turned the icons back on for the home page, but I really don’t want that. I wish I could attach a screen shot to make all this easier to understand. Is there a way I can send you a screen shot?

  3. Hey there again.
    What you can do is to completely hide the buttons on smaller devices. For this you can add the following lines in the “Custom CSS” box on the settings page of the plugin.
    Example that hides the buttons on screens smaller than 986px:
    @media all and (max-width: 986px) {
    .wpbfsb { display: none; }

    Please note that you need to update to the latest Version 1.2.0 (just updated) to make this to work.

  4. 1. Allow to always show the icons via shortcode by adding an attribute like force_display=”true” even if the shortcode is disabled on the settings page.

    2. Allow multiple icons on one page (using attribute replace=”no” in the shortcode for example).

    3. Also add an attribute class=”xyz” to allow adding own stylesheets.

    Thanks to Michael via E-Mail (19.05.2015).

  5. Hey there. Do you have an example page that I can view? Otherwise it’s pretty difficult to say what’s wrong ;)

  6. Great. I activated the plugin with the purchase code, but still don’t have the update yet. I’ll try that when it updates. Thanks!

  7. You can visit WordPress’ update page (under “Dashboard” -> “Update”) to speed things up ;)

    • Add functionality to make line, double line, dotted line, shadowed lined, etc.
    • Possibilty to add custom css tag.
  8. Hey, would love to see a function where you can turn off the bar for certain parts of the screen. For example, the banner comes on once you hit the contents of the post and turns off when over the feature banner. Ive seen this done with similar share banners around the web.

  9. Hello, what is the code to use so that the social icons remain permanently viewable on screen? I dont want the collapsable menu. Is it a .php edit?
    Thank you so much.

  10. Hey Alan,
    and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

    You don’t necessarily have to edit any of the PHP files. Just go to your WordPress Dashboard and click “Settings” -> “Fixed Social Share”. Then scroll down to the “Icon quantity” field and set it to the maximum number (in your case this must be “5”). Then click the “Save” button. IMPORTANT: If the “icon quantity” is already set to the highest number, hit the “Save” button anyway. In some cases the plugin needs to be refreshed after the first installation by hitting the “Save” button.
    After that it should work as you want it.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Hello,

    I tried your code to turn of the buttons for smaller screens, but nothing happened. I have removed them for now, as they take up too much room and block text on mobile, but would love to turn it back on if there is a way around this.

    Hope you can help!

  12. Hey Mike,
    you have two options. A) make the buttons smaller. You can do this on the settings page. Or B) use the code above. It this doesn’t help, try to add a !important to the code. This prevents the theme to overwrite any styles. The code should then look like this:
    @media all and (max-width: 986px) {
    .wpbfsb { display: none!important; }

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