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  1. is it possible that the message disappair automatisch and not with the buttom

    • Hey Robert,
      and thanks for your comment. I hope you’re doing well today.

      When do you want the message to disappear automatically? Maybe you can tell me a little bit more about that and I’m sure I can give you an answer for that ;)

  2. Hi, I purchased yesterday the product countdown.
    On my website that is working in progress it doesn’t work completly… I use the Cypress wordpress theme. When I’ve to select the product to refer the countdown (product to refer to) I never see the product number but the number of page where I’m working… is it normal?
    In fact I would like to have the product countdown on my home page but I only can see it on product page active sale schedule.

    I check all by reading your faq, but after one day of work I don’t know where could be the problem.
    Also the shortcode doesn’t work anywhere.

    Please, can you help me?

    • Hey Ludo,
      if possible can you give me temporary access to your blog so that I can check what’s wrong myself? For that please open a new support ticket.

      Thanks in advance


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