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9 thoughts on “Request a function

  1. I’d like to write reviews coded in but as comments.. Is this possible? Like trustpilot or something

  2. HEy Joel,
    and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what you want to do? Are you talking about the Purple Heart Plugin? What exactly would you like to do?

  3. Nice plugin.

    Please can the plugin widget for top voted posts show thumbnails, excerpts and post meta, and can we configure the period (over one month, one week, etc)? Right now it only lists the titles. That would be a great feature. If you could do that as a customizable shortcode also, that would be great.

  4. I have inserted with shortcode ,worked fine.!thakns
    BUT one user cannt only at one time
    rate. For another product can not anoter rate send.
    this would be the essential.. :(

  5. Just a few suggestions that would make this plugin more amazing, I know some of these features could be corrected with a bit of CSS, but for us that don’t know CSS having these as options would be great.
    1. A way to have the text displayed above the box not next to it.
    2. A small version to put as a widget or on the homepage.
    3. Integration with ‘Crafty Social Buttons’ to make everything neat and tidy.

    Thanks for this plugin and really glad I found it.

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