Rich Snippet Code Examples

Between the purchase date of the plugin and today pretty much time has passed? No problem. Here you can see the actual code snippets that can be installed as examples in the Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin. PLUS: You can find new ones as well! ;)


Please note: In order to use the address-snippet you need another snippet which surrounds the code. But it is also possible to expand the above snippet like this:

Please also note that Google currently does not show address information on search results.



Music Group

Music Recording


Usage Code for posts/pages/custom post types:

Also see: the live example with Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool




Restaurant with Rating

Please also add the following attributes to the list of attributes (since 2017 Google needs an “image” attribute as well):

Restaurant Shortcode with attributes
Add this attributes

You can then use the shortcode like this:


Review (on a product)

Please note that reviews can only be attached to either a CreativeWork, an Offer, an Organization, a Place, or a Product. This example shows a review for a product.

Please add the following attributes for your new Review shortcode:

Product Review Rich Snippet Attributes
Product Review Rich Snippet Attributes

You can use the shortcode like this:

You can view an example here: Product Review Rich Snippets Example

Hidden Product

If you don’t want to make all product details visible to the enduser you can use meta-Tags instead. You can test it on the DEV site.

Hidden Product Attributes
Hidden Product Attributes

Syntax for Organization Logos

According to this blog entry, Google now supports markup for organization logos. You can use this syntax to show your logo in search results. But please note that Google “maybe” uses this image for the homepage. This doesn’t mean that it will work. If tested this a view times and for me Google never showed the logo in search results. Organization Logo Attributes Organization Logo Attributes

Alternatively you can the following (hiding logo and link to the public):

You can then use it like this in your posts or pages:

No public rating

You can also use the rating without displaying anything to the public:

Just replace the code above with the original sourcecode of the rating shortcode and that’s it. Please note that Google does not like hidden things. So it is not sure that Google will display this rating on search results.

No public address

If you don’t want to show the address to the public, use this code for the address shortcode:

You can use the same attributes that is used with the address shortcode: Address Shortcode Attributes

Organization (no public)

This is the attribute list: Organization (no public) attribute list
Attribute List

And this is the HTML-Code:

When you named the Shortcode “Organization (no public)” you can use the shortcode like this:

Software Application (no public)

This code adds SoftwareApplication syntax that is not visible to the public but by search engines.

This is the attribute list:

SoftwareApplication Attribute List
SoftwareApplication Attribute List

And this is the HTML code that can be used for the shortcode:

You can use the shortcode like this (if you named the Shortcode “SoftwareApplication”.

No public recipe

This code adds Recipe syntax that is not visible to the public but by search engines.

This are the attributes:

Attribute List

This is the code:

You can find a preview and test on dev site of the plugin.

Minimalistic (hidden) product

This product only shows the name, the price and the rating of a product.

This is the attribute list:

Minimalisitc product attribute list
Minimalistic Product using with this attribute list

This is the code:


This product follows Googles example (that can be found here).

This is the minimalisitc attribute list:

Minimalisitc attribute list

Review with product and rating

Review Rating Attributes

MusicRecording with rating

This would be the attribute list:

MusicRecording Attributes List

And this is the code: