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Want to see a new feature in one of the next releases of the WordPress Comment Rating Plugin? Please share your thoughts and help me to make this plugin even better! Thanks a lot for your time!

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  1. Hi,
    Congrats for your plugin !
    I do have one suggestion which will make me buy it and I think is very useful also for other people, here is it:
    Is it possible to write a function where you can display the most voted comment inside a page/post with the option to filter it by a comment meta value?

    I’m saying this because I have few custom fields inside my comments and I want to be able to show the most upvoted comment based on a comment meta value. For example I want to display the most voted comment which has a comment meta value of “Flash”.
    This will be great to be used as a shortcode so in this way every time I want to display this I just have to fill in the blanks with the meta value of the comments I want to display.

    I will appreciate to see if you’re thinking to make this update.
    Thank you !

  2. First of all, thanks for this most stellar plugin.

    What I’d really like to see, though, is an indication that the user has liked a comment.

    If I’ve already liked the comment, there should be a visual indicator, such as the icon being a different colour.

  3. Instead of loading up a 45kb font file with a whole bunch of icons I’m not going to use. Please let me specify an HTML character for the UP and DOWN votes. Like this:

    ? = Up Vote

    ? = Down Vote

  4. Hey Kevin. Thanks for this tip. In version 1.4.0 you can now show a “Already rated” message.

  5. Hey Chris. And thanks for this tip. In version 1.4.0 you can now chose any ASCII- or HTML icon instead.

  6. I dont have this plugin but read the comments, I agree with Kelvin.

    Users forgot which comments they rated in the past. SO it has to be sth which shows they already rated, not a pop up! The rating icon should change. for example facebook. when u like comment, it is obvious and said “you liked it”.

    Maybe the color of rating buttons can be whiter when user didnt rate and when user rates the comment it becomes blue.

  7. From CodeCanyon (User: hawkidoki)

    Hello! First, this plugin is awesome! I’m really happy to spend $20 on this. It does the job: quickly & automatically. It is also quite customisable, which is great.

    However I got three suggestions to improve it and make it ultimate:

    – You should give an option to disable FontAwesome added by the plugin. Because many websites already use it (it’s my case, so I disabled the plugin one’s to avoid duplicate).

    – For multi level comments: a children comment with positive karma sort the parent comment up (even if the parent comment is -5 karma).

    ie: parent_comment = -5 / children_comment = 7. Then parent_comment is top comment of the page… I would prefer the sorting system always use the parent_comment karma.

    – For very low karma comment, put an option to hide them automatically, with a link to show them if the visitor want to read it anyway.

    Thank you for your awesome job! I stay tuned here to see what you think about those suggestions.

  8. It would be great if there were three colour select options for the rating number instead of just one. Positive rating, zero and negative rating. Would pretty much make this plugin perfect!

  9. Yeah, this is my #1 wish too. Basically put a div with a custom class around comments that have a rating below some set limit and, if possible, the same for comments with a rating thats above X.

    I’ve found it to be quite an effective way of collectively moderating comments, you see: the author still sees what they wrote, so they can’t really complain about censorship, but everybody else sees that the comment wasn’t appreciated.

  10. why can I rate my own comment..? shouldn’t this have a cookie and maybe even IP set in order to prevent rating of my own comments? right now I can rate my comment, which is not professional at all..

  11. Create a ranking system for users based on their number of comments and rating of their comments. This would give them a rank and a special icon of their actual rank would be displayed. Sort of like forum rankings but instead for comments on WordPress sites.

  12. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you are going to build an 5-star-system in it with an “Average Rating” of all ratings. So that the average rating of all users can be displayed.

    Like to hear from you because this is the feature thats most important to me.

  13. Allow to deactivate Font Awesome (to prevent loading it twice when other plugins and/or themes loading it, too).

  14. Allow caching plugins too hook into the plugin so that they can flush the cache for a post/page. And/or trigger cache-clearing for the most popular cache-plugin-solutions.

  15. Hey Stephen, and thanks for this tip. In version 1.4.0 you can now select on which post type you want to see the ratings.

  16. This would be perfect if there was an easy way to decide which post types it could be displayed on. Currently it is all or none. My (inelegant) workaround is to hide it in the CSS on pages where I don’t want it.

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